We understand talent is what will ultimately shape a company. By possessing a deep knowledge in Fintech and Digital Transformation Services, as well as a vast understanding of the transformational role digital plays across today’s business landscape, we deliver real impact through partnership and customization. We align with our client’s businesses, understand their unique goals, and create the perfect conditions for success.


The digital world colliding with the platforms, services and support structures that sustain the financial services ecosystem are transforming the way the industry functions. We believe the key to succeeding throughout this transformation is leadership having a vast understanding of the platforms, services and support structures that sustain the financial services ecosystem as well as the technical acumen to drive businesses into this new digital landscape.

The intersection of talent and digital transformation is TritonExec’s sweet spot. Our global fintech team works with clients across:

  • Exchanges and Platforms
  • Index, Analytics, Risk, Data and Research Providers
  • Software/SaaS vendors
  • Payments
  • Blockchain
  • Clearing

Digital Transformation Services

For digital transformation services, human capital is perhaps the most obvious area in which to secure a competitive advantage, as this is where C-suite decisions can most affect customers’ perceptions and experiences of value.

With this in mind, TritonExec helps businesses undergoing digital transformation identify and secure the finest available talent ahead of increasingly fierce competition.

Our searches are partner-led and based on deep specialist expertise – and typically on qualitative research that supports quantitative analysis. We add value by ensuring the talent is aligned with the culture and goals of our clients in order to encourage mutual growth and shared success.

Our global digital transformation services team works with clients across:

  • Strategy & Advisory
  • Application Services
  • Cloud
  • Insights & Data
  • Cyber Security
  • Legal Managed Services
  • BPO