We offer a full range of solutions designed to address talent needs: from strategic executive search and multi-hire programs to fully embedded executive RPO. With all of our solutions, collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We go beyond the rigid and traditional executive search model and tailor solutions for our clients that are as individual as their business. Our ability to create deeper and more meaningful client relationships allows us to deliver custom, high-value solutions where we truly are partners.

Diversity Solutions

For us, diversity is much more than ‘ticking boxes’. Achieving real value and lasting impact involves an audit and a clearly defined strategy – taking clients beyond arbitrary labels of sexuality, gender, race, culture, and religion, and into the rich variations in perspective, experience, expertise, and style that can transform boardrooms in powerful ways.

In an age and environment of significant demographic shifts and market expansions, boardrooms benefit increasingly from TritonExec’s wider diversity expertise. We help our clients communicate with, attract, and retain broader, stronger executive teams.

Purpose-driven hiring with diversity in mind

We commit to challenging practices to ensure unwavering integrity, fundamental fairness, & equality.

    • Our purpose: to infuse our ecosystem with Racial, Gender and Experiential Diversity.

Creating diverse, inclusive communities

Curated female-led communities and events enable companies to increase DE&I hiring and reach their goals, while following it ourselves.

Empowering our clients through partnership

We have created unique solutions that utilise innovative approaches to enable our clients to achieve their diversity goals and create successful teams.

Executive Search

Our specialty is executive search for innovators. Our success was born from disrupting the rigid culture of traditional corporate search firms. We’ve created a new economy of executive search that employs flexibility, agility, and customization for our clients. Offering our clients a service that goes beyond just a transaction, we create meaningful relationships through transparency and support from a true partner. Our main focus is on retained executive search, where we support clients with single or multiple needs and project-based searches accompanied by detailed data and analytics. 

We place great emphasis on partnership; that means closer consultations, deeper insights, and a keen focus on clients’ sectors. Your TritonExec consultant will complement sharp business acumen with a strategic balance of executive search and industry experience to source talent that matches your ambitions. 

Executive RPO

Our Executive RPO partnerships are tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Developed on multi-year engagements carrying the entire executive recruitment process, we work on a keen understanding of your company inside out. This enables TritonExec to be embedded in the entire talent sourcing process, understand the unique culture of our client’s business, and offers economies of scale for volume hiring throughout the partnership.

Some of the bespoke hiring processes involved in our Executive RPO partnerships include:

Open days are events whereby multiple executive-level candidates, pre-identified as highly suitable for a role, will spend time with the client over the course of one or two days, allowing the client to interview and assess the candidate pool in real-time.

Multi-hire programs where we hire for individual roles or project teams and are able to focus on specific goals such as filling emerging skills gaps, millennial hiring, or improving diversity.

Market mapping and intelligence programs supply clients detailed market intelligence to inform their current search needs and to help them understand the landscape and be better prepared for future searches. 

Multi-Hire Projects

TritonExec’s unique and powerful offering for team building & cluster hiring through Multi-hire programs is used when our clients require multiple hires across functions or business units.

These solutions allow companies to build teams quickly – hiring between 5 and 10 candidates at one time within a 6-8 week window, the time typically taken by traditional executive search for one individual search. We offer this speed and volume while still providing our white-glove executive recruitment services, creating world class candidate and client experiences – and utilising economies of scale.

This format also allows us to support our clients for individual roles or project teams, as well as focus on specific goals such as filling emerging skills gaps, millennial hiring, or improving diversity.