Executive RPO

Our Executive RPO partnerships are tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Developed on multi-year engagements carrying the entire executive recruitment process, we work on a keen understanding of your company inside out. This enables TritonExec to be embedded in the entire talent sourcing process, understand the unique culture of our client’s business, and offers economies of scale for volume hiring throughout the partnership.

Some of the bespoke hiring processes involved in our Executive RPO partnerships include:

Open days are events whereby multiple executive-level candidates, pre-identified as highly suitable for a role, will spend time with the client over the course of one or two days, allowing the client to interview and assess the candidate pool in real-time.

Multi-hire programs where we hire for individual roles or project teams and are able to focus on specific goals such as filling emerging skills gaps, millennial hiring, or improving diversity.

Market mapping and intelligence programs supply clients detailed market intelligence to inform their current search needs and to help them understand the landscape and be better prepared for future searches.