TritonExec Terms & Conditions

Client terms of business for the introduction of permanent or contract staff.


A year’s total annual compensation including base salary and target bonus, and sign-on bonus.
  Candidate The person whose CV is submitted to the Client.
  Client The legal entity to which the Email is addressed or, if not addressed to a legal entity, the legal entity that employs the individual addressed in the Email.
  CV The Candidate’s curriculum vitae or profile.
  Email The email to which these terms and conditions are attached.
  Engagement The employment or engagement of a Candidate, directly or indirectly, and “Engage” shall have the associated meaning.
  Fees 30% of the Candidate’s first year Annual Remuneration.
  Group Company A company which is a subsidiary or parent of the Client, or which is controlled by a company that also controls the Client.
  Introduction The introduction of the Candidate directly and/or by means of the supply of his CV, and “Introduce” shall have the associated meaning.
  TritonExec TritonExec Inc., a company incorporated and registered in Delaware, with FEIN 352517027.
  Warranty Period The period starting on the Candidate’s first day of employment and ending 90 days after that day.
  Payment Terms Payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice.  The invoice will be issued on the candidate’s signature of the employment contract or first day of employment, whichever comes first.

Fees payable:

  1. The Client shall pay the Fees, in accordance with the Payment Terms, on the Candidate’s signature of the employment contract or first day of employment, whichever comes first. These terms are deemed to be accepted if the client wishes to interview the Candidate, or the Client contacts the Candidate directly.
    1. Where a Candidate Introduced by TritonExec is not hired by the Client as part of the initial Introduction, the Fees shall nevertheless be due and payable in the following circumstances:
      • if the Client or Group Company Engages the Candidate within 12 months of the Introduction, 
      • if the Client Introduces the Candidate to a third party, and the Candidate is Engaged by that third party (or is Engaged by a person to which the third party Introduced the Candidate) within 12 months of TritonExec’s Introduction to the Client. 

Other suppliers:

  1. The Client acknowledges that Introduction was made exclusively by TritonExec and that the Fees shall remain payable even if another Introduction is made to the Client.