March 21, 2019

The Daily Mail: Jet-setting Georgina’s searching the world for a star

Headhunters, the recruitment consultants who match executive level candidates with suitable jobs, are always in demand.

and executive experience can help you get in. Georgina Pawley is an executive search consultant and senior director at global executive search firm TritonExec, which has offices in London, New York and Atlanta.

she says: ‘ I love interviewing candidates and meeting clients to understand the complexities of their business and build long-term relationships. It’s great to successfully close a tough search and help people develop their careers.’

Georgina, 40, who heads TritonExec’s New York office, adds: ‘We partner with clients across many and locations. I have traveled across the U.S., Europe and Asia for a key client, and been given full access to their business and leadership teams so we have enough insight to source the best executive hires for them.’

After her languages degree, Georgina initially worked as a translator, then joined a mainstream recruitment company.

she says: ‘I wanted to move into executive search, attracted by the global nature of the role and the chance to become an extension of my clients’ teams. My languages degree and a Chartered Institute of Personnel and development qualification in human resources management have helped.

‘The search industry requires skills including sales, communication, negotiation and report writing, and resilience — you’re going to get knock backs — but it’s rewarding and there are always new challenges and opportunities to grow, learn and develop your skills.’

Ben Graham, partner at TritonExec, says: ‘We’re seeing growth in demand for executive search skills, spurred by increasing demand for leaders, particularly in technology and private equity organisations.’

Sarah Thewlis, of executive search consultancy Thewlis Graham, and member of the association of executive recruiters (era), says: ‘there is always demand for high-quality talent in the executive search sector, so it’s a good time for experienced executives to consider moving into search. You need natural curiosity, creativity and integrity. the era offers training courses.’

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