June 29, 2018

Recruitment International: TritonExec’s US revenues up 60% in Q1 2018

TritonExec has built its private equity business in the USA to $1.5m in Q1 2018 alone, with revenues across sectors up 60% from its Atlanta and recently opened New York office. Private equity becomes the fastest growth area of company to date.

The $12m turnover business, which is focused on digital and professional services and private equity, is also expanding its global headcount from the current team of 25 to 40 over the next year. In early 2018, TritonExec announced $20m in new contracts lined up over the next 24 months.

TritonExec US partner, Abe Doctor, commented, “Companies acquiring others through private equity deals are looking to strengthen their new investments with seasoned operators in their markets, so we expect this to be one of our busiest growth areas for a number of years to come.  A decade ago, the trend was to buy and sell in a relatively short space of time, whereas we’re now seeing a drive to embrace digital, especially for more traditional industries, as a means of adding value for their eventual resale. This has been a boon to our digital officers practice which will grow to serve the ever-expanding pool of global companies embracing digital proficiency. ‘Digital acumen’ across these areas of investment for non-digital industries is increasingly important for CEO’s (sic) and executive chairmen of private equity portfolio businesses.”

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