July 3, 2018

Tech to Train – The Global Recruiter

Director of our New York office Georgina Pawley discusses why she loves recruitment and what she loves about her career in the latest edition of  The Global Recruiter – The voice of the staffing industry.

What was the best career move you made?

Making the transition from contingent recruitment into global executive search. I had no idea at the time how much of a platform it would be to expand on my nine years of experience as a permanent consultant and advance my skills around client and candidate management as well as producing high end reports and documentation.

What has been the most useful qualification for your recruitment career?

This is a tough one as I think my language degree has helped me operate effectively in what has ultimately become a global role, whereas I specifically chose later into my career to study for the CIPD qualification in order to build credibility when connecting with HR leaders which is a day to day occurrence in this role.

What is the biggest barrier to success as a recruiter?

Not knowing when to say no and agreeing to searches that you are not confident you can close.

Not investing in long-term relationships, or taking the time to get to know your clients and candidates outside of just business.

Not being a specialist in a space or keeping up to date with your industry.

What keeps you in recruitment?

Good question and one I have asked myself many times! It has its ups and downs for sure, however I still have moments regularly when I’m speaking to a candidate or working with a client where they are talking about what they do or how they have helped transform an organisation and are so passionate about it that I can’t help but feel energised or motivated by their story or their career.

I would also be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the buzz of a deal – winning a retainer, opening a new client relationship or making a placement.

I like the fact there is an outcome to the hard work that has a tangible ending and where my work has an impact on people’s lives and careers.

Give me three words to describe the recruitment profession

Fascinating – Challenging – Rewarding.