August 30, 2021

Inspirational Leaders Series

Recruiting for leadership roles is no easy task. There are so many factors to take into consideration before presenting a client with candidates. You must think about company culture, business strategy, candidate background, but, most importantly, you must also ask yourself does this candidate have what it takes to really excel in this role as a leader? The demands on executives in 2021 are very different than even those 5 years ago, our society is changing and along with it our definition of a “great leader.”

Our team is very aware of this notion, all throughout the month of August we’ve been discussing and redefining the qualities needed for a successful leader in 2021. Executives first and foremost need to be empathetic of the team they lead, they must empower each member, and be an authentic voice for others to follow. Empathy is a vital quality; a CEO that looks to their employees at eyelevel understanding that each team member is a human first and an employee second is well respected and will also understand what their team needs to be most successful. Companies thrive when each working piece of the machine is moving happily and effectively. A leader also must be able to recognize and encourage everyone’s best qualities, know the strengths of their people, and be able play to them.

Whether we are talking about a nation, a soccer team, or a startup, communities need guidance. Teams depends on leadership to move in a sole direction. Adam Stolerman put it best when he said “a great leader must be an exceptional communicator, bringing complex strategy to life in a simple, digestible, and inspiring way. Ensuring that everyone, old and new, is on the same page and driving towards a common goal.” Authenticity in that communication and being a great listener is also key. We forget those who follow a mold but the people that stick to their values have a way of sparking new ideas in us.

In our Inspirational Leaders series, we highlighted Jacinda Ardern, Pep Guardiola, and Whitney Wolfe Herd. These leaders all share empathy, authenticity, and the type of innovative thinking we look for when working with our clients. We make sure we are referring empathetic leaders that will empower their team to their best potential. We identify the importance of building out teams for our clients recognizing that leaders are the pillars which your company stands on.