August 24, 2021

Graduate Hiring

As we know, the FinTech recruitment industry is a candidate lead market. It can be challenging to find the talent you need to scale. With competition rife, many companies are turning to graduate hiring and inside sales programs to organically grow their global sales organizations. Though they might not be as experienced, hiring graduates that show sales potential can be a huge benefit to your team; and with one in ten graduates considered ‘overqualified’ for the job they’re currently doing, there’s no shortage of smart, ambitious young professionals to mold into the next generation of star sales people.

Fresh from college, graduates are full of questions. They are curious and naturally want to know how and why things work the way they do. This inquisitive approach can pay off by shaking up established methods of doing business, introducing new ideas and new sales tactics to your workforce. Given that this is likely their first sales job, they will not bring any preconceived ideas or established habits that they’ll have to relearn on starting with your company.

Though these green hires need a considerable amount of training, you should also embrace the fresh pair of eyes that they bring with them: after all, looking at things through a different lens can sometimes be exactly what is needed to get a deal over the line.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring graduates for sales roles is their ease with almost all forms of technology. Having grown up with everything from smartphones and iPads to televisions and Xboxes, this new generation of workers are inherently at home with many forms of technology, which pays off in the workplace, too. They might need some training on certain systems, but they won’t take long to pick it up – which, in turn, means that they’ll be trained, and hitting targets, that much quicker.

With more than 500 million users on LinkedIn alone, graduates understand just how important social selling is when it comes to scoping out and connecting with potential customers. Though Facebook and Snapchat might not be your channels of choice, their experience connecting and talking with friends and family through them gives these young professionals a starting point, from which to apply their knowledge of social media to selling products to customers across a variety of channels. For people that have grown up using the internet, picking up new approaches to selling is second nature – especially as over 40 million students and recent graduates are actively using LinkedIn already.

Graduate hiring is paramount at TritonExec. Our Graduate Training Academy produces quality executive recruiters every quarter, allowing us to scale at pace. Reporting from Miami, each of them has brought on their unique perspective and an ambitious drive to learn and start placing candidates successfully in no time.

For any graduates interested in embarking on a career in executive search and would like to learn more about the TritonExec Training Academy, please reach out to our Talent Acquisition department.