April 2, 2019

Dealing with the unknown in changing business landscapes

Preparing for new industries and what’s ahead is something we think about every day. Most companies are reactive. Oftentimes, growth companies miss the mark because they’re afraid of addressing what’s ahead simply because it’s unknown.

At TritonExec we compete against the largest executive search firms in the world– and  we’ve never won a search based on having the most experience over our competitors. Innovation, creativity, grit and partnership is what sets us apart, and we aren’t afraid to be brave in business.

We are seeing global emergence and growth of new sectors such as Industrial Technology, FinTech, and Agtech/Cannabis. While some search firms may be skeptical of the longevity of these new markets because of the perceived risk of the unknown, we see an opportunity to be pioneers across a new business landscape.

At TritonExec, our strategy for new markets is based on our analysis of how these disruptive trends will affect our client’s need for leadership. Being progressively candidate and client focused and leveraging data and technology to serve these new industries will allow us to have a competitive edge in the long run.