Specializing in digital and technology, private equity, and professional services, TritonExec was – and remains – the pioneer among a new breed of executive search firms.

Our Journey Begins Here
Pioneering a new age and standard

The story begins with a determination to challenge the ‘established’ approach to executive search in the professional services and tech sectors. In the wake of a global recession, and in the throes of a fast-paced tech and digital revolution, TritonExec’s co-founders saw an opportunity to pioneer a new formula.


With a business model that has relationships at its core and a determination to disrupt traditional approaches, TritonExec redefines the one-size-fits-all approach and rigid fee models, delivering more meaningful and enduring results.


TritonExec successfully serves international clients in the U.S. executive talent market. Reputation spreads quickly in the U.S., and business expands throughout the Americas.


With this growth and success comes a need for bigger offices, and TritonExec moves the team from its humble beginnings in London’s Euston Square to a new Mayfair location to allow for expansion.


TritonExec establishes a full-service U.S. operation with Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia in order to better serve a growing portfolio.


With a firmly established reputation in digital and technology, professional services and private equity, TritonExec continues its growth while adding steadily to its team of dedicated experts.


TritonExec’s New York City office opens, adding another exciting milestone to its continued global growth, while the firm announces its first financing partner, London-based OakNorth. OakNorth is a bank founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and is the perfect fit for TritonExec’s ambition.


Continuing with their business model that has relationships at the core of its strategy, TritonExec is focused on advancement into new geographies and industry verticals.