Technology Is In Our DNA

Technology and data are integral to effective talent management. Historically, data were used strictly for reporting, but today we can analyse information to predict the future success of new hires and uncover profound insights about your current people and talent strategy.

To operate and compete in this new world, companies must not only manage an overwhelming mass of data and information, but effectively use next-level predictive analytics to act upon such talent opportunities.

“Next-level predictive analytics”

TritonExec has built a strong technology and analytics practice to assist organisations in understanding the capture, analysis and application of data insights in order to make the smartest talent decisions.

Our technology capability generates custom, up-to-the-minute information and analysis on the talent market – uncovering subtle trends in compensation, diversity and talent shortages. Using both internal and external data, we perform big data mining and next-level predictive analytics on your data, extracting new intelligence about talent management, effectiveness and which individuals are most likely to be successful in your organisation.

The wide-ranging application of our technology capability supports executive search as well as temporary or interim talent needs. Data are able to be manipulated by our analysts, enabling maximum flexibility of inquiry across:

> Salary
> Gender
> Company
> Industry
> Seniority
> Function
> Domain
> Past successes
> Internal company data
> Retention data
> Market benchmarks and myriad other data points.

Advanced talent management analytics and technology can ultimately drive the profitability of your business. We help you find meaning and value in your data, giving you an edge in the market both today and in the future.